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When you need a new floor, don't struggle with a lengthy do-it-yourself project - get Anthony McCay Hardwood Flooring to install your unfinished and pre-finished  hardwood flooring or tile flooring!

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•  Tile and hardwood floor installation

•  Dust containment system

•  Polyurethane, oil-based, and water-based finishes

•  Eco-friendly and "Green" water-based finishes

•  Will move furniture for your convenience

•  Painting and trim work for a complete flooring installation

Let us handle the heavy lifting:

For like-new hardwood refinishing and high-quality repairs for your hardwood floors, Anthony McCay Hardwood Flooring is all you'll need for hardwood flooring help!


You can rest assured that your floor is in capable hands, thanks to Anthony McCay Hardwood Flooring's 55 years of flooring and building experience!

Find your one-stop-shop for flooring!

Get a FREE estimate on floor Installations, finishing and refinishing!


Take advantage of Anthony McCay Hardwood Flooring's dust containment system! Now you can have a beautifully refinished hardwood floor without the hassle of a dusty cleanup!